Nicola Rose


Shetland Paintings

Back in October 2019 accompanied by my sister Julie. I headed out for the first time to the Shetland Isles. We were immediately engulfed in rain, wind, storms, sun, colour and a violent drama of fragmented landscapes broken up by lochs and extreme coastlines. 

These  new works are an immediate response to this wild and uniquely beautiful set of Islands positioned in the far north of the Atlantic Ocean.

 Staying in Eshaness Lighthouse on a peninsula of rock which is the remains of an ancient volcano and having the surrounding cliffs, neolithic remains, croft ruins and lochs on the door step I drew as storms swept in, over me and back out to sea. Massive sea stacks line the coast and the land is stark with deep vibrant tones of olive green, red ochre and earth yellows. 

With these paintings I have attempted to capture the many moods of these islands and the surrounding ocean, layering paint and capturing the energy of the elements.