Nicola Rose



SOLO –  The Age of Stars –

St Benedict’s Centre, West Malling, Kent.ME196Jx

14th -28th Oct (weekdays – book appointment with centre).

01732 252 651

My inspiration for this body of work has developed over the last twelve months as I have engaged in looking at the night sky and learning about our solar system and the stars beyond. 

My creative interest was initially sparked when one night my attention was taken by what seemed to be a ‘smudge’ of light in the sky….just below Orion’s Belt. I found (with the help of some binoculars) that this was a separate star cluster named the Pleiades. With some research I found this star cluster has been the subject of many myths and legends.  These stars are also referred to as the ‘Seven Sisters’: one legend has it that the Greek God Zeus turned seven sisters into stars in order to save them from the pursuit of the Hunter Orion.  They are also named three times in the bible, and so to me they are remarkable, timeless and mysterious. 

The stars themselves are ice-blue in colour and so I have represented them in the painting titled The Seven Sisters. I have experimented with new techniques in painting, layering media to give the impression of the timeless depth of space, and working directly to interpret the moving colours of the Aurora Borealis.  This is an exciting new path for me and I am delighted that St Benedict has welcomed me back to show off these new spiritual works.