Nicola Rose



Inspired by the committed work of St Michael’s in the community of Sheerwater, I have put together this new body of work. My hope is that these bodies of water will bring their own rescue to St Michael’s as well as fulfill my own need, as a self-employed artist, to sell work in these challenging times.

For this exhibition, I found myself responding to nature in a completely different way from my usual wild seascapes and, instead, approached this work with the same spiritual awareness I used in my Cathedral paintings. The canal images are open to interpretation on a spiritual or meditative level. Water is significant metaphor for rescue in religious scriptures as well as mythology: Moses saved  in the River Nile, or the boat-man, Charon, ferrying souls across the River Styx to reach life after death. These works can also be taken simply at face value as responses to the beautiful canal that passes through Sheerwater and beyond.